Amazing free audios and resources available at “The Great Integral Awakening” (Craig Hamilton, Marc Gafni, Claire Zammit)

The entire series of audios from the Great Integral Awakening project is available for download at this link:

– including interviews with Andrew Cohen, Marc Gafni, Claire Zammit, Terry Patten, Don Beck, Steve Macintosh, Diane Hamilton, Genpo Roshi, Sally Kempton, Ken Wilber, Michael Murphy – in other words, all the leading luminaries – FOR FREE.

I have been devouring the series, having listened so far to Marc Gafni on “the unique self”, Claire Zammit on women’s unique developmental needs, and Craig Hamilton on the future of the movement, including the differences of opinion among the presenters ;).  This series has so inspired me, in fact, that it brought me back from a three-month long funk about my own development, and prompted me to create another website (this site).

Here are some additional resources culled from the Marc Gafni interview (that was precious):

  • Integral Life has a special running, that if you sign-up for a premium membership ($15/mth), they will send you all the talks on CD/DVD – and you can still cancel within a month.  This a great site by the way, and there is a great deal of free content on there as well.  Click here for example, and look for “The history of voice dialog” to listen to an interview with Hal and Sidra Stone, who inspired Genpo Roshi to create Big Mind.
  • Marc Gafni is a rabbi and Kabbalist.  Asked a good book to learn about Kabbalah, he recommends the 4th chapter and footnotes of Moshe Idel’s Absorbing Perfections, and Daniel Matt’s The Zohar.  Neither of them light reading, I am led to believe…
  • And check out Claire Zammit on the unique developmental needs of women – I totally related to it as a man and I’m sure that this would be even more so if you are a woman.

As an aside, I briefly met Marc Gafni over dinner at Shalom Mountain in early September, where he will be leading a program this fall. He is very sweet, but seemed a bit out of place and very shy.  He completely changed during his presentation, which left me cold (I actually had to leave) – he has this kind of manic energy and “doing a performance” thing that rubs me the wrong way – but there was no doubt about his scholarship and the power of his ideas.  I only mention this because I am as interested in the human side of the movement as much as the ideas, and I don’t intend to censor myself on this blog, or anywhere else for that matter.

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