Teleseminar series on women’s evolution; and Hal & Sidra Stone on voice dialogue

I just heard that Claire Zammit (one of the principals of Awakening the New Feminine Power program, and wife to Craig Hamilton from Integral Enlightenment) will be co-hosting a free online teleseminar series called Women on the Edge of Evolution.  The format seems to exactly mirror Craig’s Great Integral Awakening Series – i.e. interviews with leading teachers and luminaries such as Sally Kempton, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Jean Houston (she’s still around? WOW), Diane Musho Hamilton and Sofia Diaz (from iEvolve) and more – all my favorite women evolutionaries.  The calls are free, along with downloads; and (I’m guessing) a paid course will follow.  But hey, who’se to complain?  I am just about through the Great Integral Awakening audios, and looking for more material ;).

On another note – I had already mentioned a free audio of Hal & Sidra Stone on Integral Life, talking about themselves and about the creation of Voice Dialogue (which was the precursor and prime inspiration of Genpo Roshi’s Big Mind). Well I just listened to it and it knocked my socks off.  As much as anything it was the sweetness of their rapport with each other (the amount of respect and affirmation that they demonstrated) that made me want to take up the practice with my wife Rebekah.  My immediate thought was “this is how I want to grow old together”.  I will post a follow-up to this once we’ve had some time to practice together. 


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