My Manifesto

I create opportunities for creative people to meet and engage

I research, review and publish resources that help people live richer, fuller, more loving lives

More than anything in the world, I love to write

I show people how to grow their web business and traffic

I know that the choice to be happy is available to me in every situation

I know that learning how to be happy and learning how to love are the same thing.  “Love bears all things” [Corinthians 13:7]

I know that  there is no difference between the lover and the beloved.  Neither is better or worse since neither would exist without the other.

I believe that 90% of human upset and suffering has one cause: lack of empathy (failure to understand how another person thinks and feels).  Fortunately for me, empathy is a skill that can be learned.

I believe that loneliness is the greatest scourge of Western civilization (and the cause of most other problems).  I try and reduce loneliness, one person at a time.

I take what is offered to me and I give what is pleasurable for me to give, regardless of what other people think I should do (and sometimes even what I myself think)

I never apologize for my truth

I know that my wife Rebekah is the greatest thing that ever happened to me as a human being

I know the past has no power over me

I live a life knowing that everything I want is within me now

I realize that intelligence is not just in the mind

I believe it is possible to be spiritually aligned and wealthy

I strive for the impossible so I can call on a strength greater than myself

I believe I was put on the planet to experience joy and to teach it to others

I am intense and focused

Learning new things is as important to me as eating

Give me this every day and I am happy: a walk, a dance, a song, a visit with a friend, a new idea, and a big plate of steamed greens :)

– With gratitude and inspiration to Brooke Castillo

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