I am interviewing Mike Jay about “Flawless Living” on Wed. Nov. 3 -- “be there or be square”

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This coming Wednesday Nov. 3, at 10am EST, I am interviewing Mike Jay for my community (that includes you!) on the Flawless Living philosophy as it relates to personal and spiritual development. To get the dial-in information (and/or the recording), just signup from http://integralwealthsystem.com (disclosure: affiliate link).

I cannot say enough about Mike Jay and how this system has catapulted both my personal life and my business into entirely new territory.  Those who know me are aware that I have been a struggling entrepreneur for the last 6 years, determined to do something in the world that was both enjoyable to me and that also benefited my fellows in some way; but until very recently, the kind of success that I had hoped for had eluded me.  In the very short time since I joined the Flawless Living network, all kinds of things have opened up for me and I am now very close to making a full-time living through my writing, which has been a lifetime dream of mine (whether it be technical writing or developmental writing doesn’t matter to me, I love them both).

Mike Jay is, to my mind, one of the most brilliant business coaches and integral developmentalists on the planet, and Flawless Living is the fruition of his life’s work.  Its fundamental premise is that the cultural “operating system” that we have been working with since the second world war, which Mike calls “Blank Slate Operating System”, or BSOS, is not working any more, and that new models are going to be required to thrive (and even survive) in our current environment.

BSOS is the idea that we are “blank slates” onto which anything can be written, and once we properly assimilate that information, we can go on to do and become whatever we want in life.  In other words, BSOS says that if we work hard enough, get the right education, find the right contacts, etc, we can achieve anything we want.  There are just two problems with this system, the first being that it doesn’t really work anymore (it doesn’t create success for the majority of people, and particularly in the new economy) and in the second place, it doesn’t create happiness (except for the minority of people whose success requirements are naturally aligned with their happiness, or intrinsic motivation – we will discuss this on the call).

By contrast, Flawless Living states that we come into the world at varying levels of capability and vastly different motivations and meaning-making systems, most of which are actually genetically determined.  The failure to understand and accept ourselves around this, both our real desires (sources of happiness) and our limitations, is the cause of untold human suffering (not to mention business failures).  Flawless Living starts with self-knowledge and self-acceptance, and from that place, it teaches how to reach out to others for fun and profit.

And this is actually the most extraordinary thing about the movement, because it’s not just another seminar, it’s a network of awakening professionals and conscious entrepreneurs who are committed to helping each other.  While lots of people are “talking about” development, and running seminars, Flawless Living is an actual business network designed to assist, or “scaffold” people in their areas of weakness – those areas where we really need to understand our limitations and reach out for support – which is, ironically, what most of us need to do in order to be successful in an area of passion, and to survive in the “new economy”.

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If you want to read more about how I am bringing this into the world, you can check out my latest creation Lifestyle Design School (http://lifestyledesignschool.com)

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