Why I can’t tell it all (and how Brendon Burchard changed my life)

Thanks to everyone for the nice comments about my last post, How I rebooted my life with Google and Android.  I had promised a major check-in this month, and indeed there are big changes afoot in all areas (business, personal and relational), but as often happens things are taking longer to manifest than I would wish, and it’s too early to share.  But never fear, I will share everything later, including my crazy experiments with polyphasic sleep, the ups and downs of being an internet information marketer, and the joys and challenges of marriage and family life.  Suffice to say that as spring has returned to Philadelphia, a kind of fog has lifted from me, and I have realized how unhappy I have been lately, and that realization has been very freeing, as it gives the opportunity for real creative action to emerge (as opposed to compulsive reaction).  And so I am once again on a great creative roll. 

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